Airbnb For Mountain Bikers


Itching to mountain bike in a new town or country but aren’t exactly sure where to ride? Look no further than MTBNB. Hailed as the online platform for mountain bike explorers, MTBNB will help you connect with locals that would love to ride with you and show you the trails.

Wherever you want to ride, MTBNB will help you to connect with locals that are up for riding with you, will help you figure out some bike friendly accommodation, or perhaps even offer up a place to stay.

In order to match up skill levels and riding type, the web-based app asks not only where you would like to ride, but also your preferred discipline (XC, AM, EN, DH) and level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). It then matches you up with either riding buddies or also gives you the option of hiring a professional guide.

Once a match is made, it’s up to you and your riding buddy to take it from there, organizing all the meet-up details through the integrated messenger platform.

Riding with your buddy is free. You just have to contribute amicably to trip expenses such as transport, accommodation and food costs. However, with the certified mountain bike instructors, there is a professional guiding cost added.

Not quite sure how this is much different than simply using MTB Project but I guess it gives you a guaranteed ride buddy which can make the experience more fun. Personally I could see this being way more useful for sports like climbing where you actually need another person to make it happen.

The MTBNB web app gets set to go live soon, while the company raises money to fund further development of the app going forward.

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