Blackout Tent Lets You Have a Little Lie In

Ohnana Tent

Not everyone likes to wake up with the sun — especially if you had a little too much to drink the night before. Marketed towards festival goers whose morning hangovers don’t quite gel with hot, early morning sunshine, Ohnana tents could serve to be quite useful for the rest of us — especially those who regularly desert camp or want their kids to sleep before the sun goes down.

Ohnana claims their tent will stay up to 55 degrees cooler inside than conventional tents when the sun starts to hit the fly. To do so, the tent uses two separate layers of reflective coated polyester — one on the canopy and one of the fly. This coating reflects both heat and sunlight, not only keeping it cooler inside the tent but also darker so you can sleep longer.

Strategically placed windows and vents promote airflow so it doesn’t get too stuffy. Ohnana is also offering a fan accessory that hangs from the roof of the tent and runs off three AA-batteries or an external power bank. A 5200 mAh battery pack will give you 10 hours of refreshing mechanical breeze. The fan also comes equipped with 12 LED lights to help you see inside the blackout tent.

The 6’8″ by 6’8″ floorplan  (center height of 4’3″) offers plenty of room for two people and all their stuff. All in, the Ohnana tent weighs 6.2 pounds — the fan adds another 9.5 ounces — which is pretty reasonable for a car camping tent.

The Ohnana tent and fan combination is going for $128 over on Kickstarter. The company plans to donate 5% of their net profits to the Ocean Cleanup Foundation to help clear plastic out of our oceans. Delivery of the tents is expected at the end of this month so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the cool darkness for the rest of the summer camping season.

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