Dynaplug Tubeless Tire Puncture Repair Kit

Dynaplug Micro Pro

I ran into Studio Velo founder Scott Penzarella at Tamalpie Pizzeria in Mill Valley the other night. While chatting about random cycling gear, he gushed about one of his new favorite finds — Dynaplug. Anyone who runs tubeless tires on their bikes will want to check these out.

While tubeless tires are great for avoiding most common flat situations, they do get punctures. And just as with any flat, this means you need to pull over and go through the time-consuming process of removing the tire and throwing in a tube. This may not be a huge deal if you are on an everyday ride, but it can be disastrous if you are on a long bikepacking trip or in the middle of a race,  as what happened with Scott.

Dynaplug, by comparison, enables you to simply “plug” the leak, add some air if needed, then be on your way. A puncture repair system for tubeless tires, it is commonly used on your car or motorcycle tires to repair holes from nails or other small objects. Using the exact same system, the company made a smaller version for use on bike tires.

The Dynaplug Micro Pro Kit includes 2 insertion tubes, 5 tubeless tire repair plugs, 1 Knife, 1 air plug, and 1 pipe cleaner that is all housed inside an aluminum casing. The whole kit weighs only 1.5 ounces.

To use, first find the object that created the puncture. Before removing the object, prepare the tool by installing the insertion tube and plug (if not already pre-loaded). Remove the puncture object and quickly insert the tool into the same path and push it all the way through the hole. Pull the tool out and the plug remains in the tire and fuses with the rubber to seal the puncture path. Trim the end of the plug then inflate the tire to replace any lost air — you might want to drop some water around the plug to make sure it is fully sealed before cutting. That’s it — you don’t even have to remove the wheel from the bike.

The Dyanplug Micro Pro Kit retails for $55 and is available now. You can bet I will have one of these will me on every mountain bike or gravel ride from now on.

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