An Easier Way to Carry Your Mountain Bike

Peak Rider

Some of the best mountain bike rides require a fair bit of hike-a-bike, especially in the Alps. So leave it to the Euros to come up with a better way to carry your mountain bike uphill. Never has it been so easy to earn your berms.

The Peak Rider system consist of two components — a telescopic rod with support plate that fits into the hydration sleeve of your bike pack, and a cone-shaped recepticle that straps onto the downtube of your bike, right in its center of gravity.

All you have to do now is simply lift your bike over your head and hang it on the telescopic rod — the cone holds your bike safely in position.  The bike does not hit your shoulders and its center of gravity is held close to your body. Thanks to the support plate, the weight is optimally distributed over your back and supported by your hips.

Peak Rider System

The design allows you to swing and tilt your bike in any direction in order to climb over obstacles and squeeze through tight spaces. And best of all, you have both hands free while your bike is securely fastened.

The PeakRider was developed by Marvin Kiesel, a 28-year-old mountain biker from the Allgäu region of southern Germany where the mountains are steep. Kiesel wanted a better way to transport his bike beyond where the trails could take him, up to the summits of the peaks surrounding his home. And he didn’t want to have to dissasemble his bike and attach it to his backpack every time. After two years of design tweaking, Peak Rider is now ready for mass development.

You can pre-order Peak Rider now from the company website for €79 or around $93 or from the company’s Kickstarter campaign for €59. Kiesel expects to start shipping product in February through April.

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