Burley Launches a Single Wheel Bike Trailer

Burley Coho XC

To be officially unveiled at Interbike next month, the first single wheel bike trailer from Burley looks to be a bikepacking and touring dream. The Coho XC was built to address the most common problem with traditional bike trailers — the inability to adjust the yoke to a wide range of axles and hubs.

The Coho XC features a variable width yoke that allows for installation on a wider range of hubs and tire sizes, including 700C with full wrap renders, 29 plus wheels, off-road tires and road tires. To install, simply spread the yoke to the width of your rear axle (no tools required), and then drop and lock the trailer to the bike via the new dual ball hitch that allows the yoke to connect at multiple angles. Once installed, a simple release lever instantly disconnects the cargo trailer from your bike.

An integrated kick-stand holds both the trailer and your bike upright — something I struggle with when pulling the Burley Nomad on my gravel bike (although I love that trailer). The adjustable levered suspension at the back makes for a smooth ride and will keep the trailer from bouncing around off objects on the trail.

Depending on whether you want to use the bike trailer when road touring or bikepacking on singletrack and gravel, the rear fork of the bike trailer can accommodate a variety of wheel sizes (Plus 16 x3”, Off-road 16”x2.125”, Road 16”x1.75”).

The top of the frame is level with the rear fender so that you can carry long or larger items safely. Removable panels allow for storage without the use of a dry bag, while accessory mounts make for extra capacity by attaching panniers or cargo ladders for securing larger objects. Water bottle cages can also be mounted on the angled part of the frame for easy access when riding.

The Burley Coho XC single wheel bike trailer will retail for $469 and start shipping next March — just in time for your summer adventures.


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