Wide Path Camper

Bike Camper

Bike touring is fun, but sometimes carrying all that stuff on your bike and spending night after night in a tent can become a chore. What if you could sleep in a cozy camper instead? Founded by Danish designer and bike enthusiast Mads Johansen, the Wide Path Camper is a tiny camper built into a travel trailer you tow behind your bike. When you are done riding for the day, simply pull over in some scenic spot and your camp is set up for the night.

Designed for bikes with the built in trailer, the camper is lightweight (40kg — lighter than my electric cargo bike) and folds down to about half the size for easier (and legal) transport when riding.

When folded out from travel mode, the inside is surprisingly roomy–there is plenty of space for two face-to-face sofas and a pull-down table, all within a shell that’s far warmer, secure, and more weatherproof than your average tent. Much like a traditional camper, the dining/sitting area quickly coverts into a bed when you are ready to sleep.

The camper provides over 300 L of storage space for all the rest of your gear such as cooking supplies, sleeping bags, and apparel. You can even add on a built-in battery pack with solar panel for charging your phones, laptops, and running lights while out on tour.

If you are headed to Denmark anytime soon, you can rent a Wide Path Camper for around $30 per night with a $85 down payment. If you would like to buy one, drop Mads an email and a shiny new bike camper can be yours for around $2500.

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