Silca Low Pressure Floor Pump

Silca low pressure floor pump

Tires inflated to the proper psi can play a huge difference in your ride experience. Standard floor pumps are generally geared more towards road bikes or for use as all-arounders, with gauges that read from 0-160 psi. This makes it difficult to accurately pinpoint the lower pressure levels required for mountain, cyclocross, gravel, and even fat tire bikes. Silca addresses the problem with a dedicated floor pump for low pressure tires.

The SuperPista Ultimate features a 0-60psi gauge that Silca claims delivers +/- 1% accuracy (most only deliver +/- 5% accuracy). Capable of true 1/2 psi repeatability, you no longer have to settle for a needle hovering somewhere around 30 psi–you can actually set your tire pressure at 28.5 psi with confidence.

At 7 pounds (3.2kg) the Ultimate is heavy but very stable.  Though only 5mm thick, the pump base accommodates any type of cycling shoe for standing. A very high strength neodymium magnet holds the chuck in the dock with enough force that the pump can be picked up by the handle for transport without undocking, yet a quick pull of the hose quickly frees the chuck.

Originally used in the pits at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the US-made high pressure smooth bore PTFE hose (rated to 12,000 psi) is a generous 51″ (130cm) long, meaning you can reach that bike hanging on your workstand. The floor pump is finished with a beautiful hand turned rosewood handle.

The only bummer? The Superpista Ultimate Floor Pumpwill set you back $450. But think of it this way–the pump is so beautifully designed that you can store it in your living room as a work of art.

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