Ditch the Fiddly Mini Pump in Favor of the Stompump


We’ve all been there — sitting on the side of the road or the trail, exhausting ourselves as we try and pump up our newly changed tire with a mini hand pump. Sweat no more as fellow Marin locals, Stompump, hope to make changing your next flat easier with a new foot pump officially launched at Interbike last week (they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year).

Stompump is a lightweight (185 grams), compact, bike-stowable foot pump. It uses your leg muscles instead of your arms to make it infinitely easier to pump up your tire after changing a flat. The pump works for high-volume, medium-pressure tires with a maximum pressure of 60 PSI.

Stompump features an integrated filter that keeps dirt and grit from damaging the internals of the pump for smooth action for years to come. It also keeps the air in your tires clean.

The pump can be mounted to your water bottle cage bolts via a frame mount and strap accessory. The company even incorporated a cylindrical storage compartment for holding a patch kit or even tire plugs.

The Stompump works with both Presta and Schrader valve stems. One thing that worries me is that it’s a screw-on nozzle which in my experience is prone to taking the valve core with it when you unscrew the nozzle from your tire valve.

Stompump retails for $99.95 and will start shipping in November.

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