Kitsbow Brings Back Mountain Biking Nostalgia

Kitsbow Drifter

The founding fathers of mountain biking all wore jeans (sometimes complete with knee pads) and wool shirts. While most modern mountain bikers now dress head to toe in lycra, California based mountain bike apparel brand Kitsbow wants to bring back a bit of that nostalgia with the Drifter Jean and Icon Shirt–classic pieces perhaps more appropriate now for the urban cyclist.

The slim-fit Drifter ($230) is a classic 5-pocket denim jean with small refinements for cyclists. Interior seams are smooth and finished in order to offer a more comfortable active fit, plus the four-piece curved waist band creates a better setup when you are down in the riding position–no plumber’s smile here.

Made from a blend of cotton, Cordura, and Lycra, the jeans are durable but stretchy enough to move with you when riding. Roomy thighs and a crescent shaped seam around the knee create extra freedom of movement, while a reflective print on inside of the back left leg adds a hit of visibility.

Kitsbow Icon Shirt

The Icon Shirt ($195) is a limited edition piece that is hand sewn in San Francisco. Made from Pendleton Wool woven in Washington, the classic style shirt features articulated sleeves and cuffs for better mobility, with perforated stretch gussets at the shoulders for ventilation. Laser cut Schoeller 3X Dry panels on the shoulders and elbows add hits of abrasion resistance in case you should fall off your bike–and they look cool.

The classic mountain bike collection is available now from the Kitsbow website.

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