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Kitsbow Brings Back Mountain Biking Nostalgia

Kitsbow Drifter

The founding fathers of mountain biking all wore jeans (sometimes complete with knee pads) and wool shirts. While most modern mountain bikers now dress head to toe in lycra, California based mountain bike apparel brand Kitsbow wants to bring back a bit of that nostalgia with the Drifter Jean and Icon Shirt–classic pieces perhaps more appropriate now for the urban cyclist.

Cycling Jeans- Hipster Or Scenester?

Levi's 511 cycling jeans

If you are too "deck" to be caught wearing chinos on your bike, a variety of cycling specific jeans are popping up to help solve your bike commute fashion conundrum. It remains to be seen, however, whether cycling jeans are a little late to the party and the hipsters have moved on to make something else cool. 

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