Jeans For Women Who Ride (Or Lift)

Keirin Cut Jeans

If you ride bikes or live in the Crossfit gym, you know the struggle is real. I’m talking about finding a half-decent pair of jeans to fit your hips and thighs without leaving a huge gaping hole at the waist. I am happy to report I have found three different jeans that work for me and hopefully they will work for you, too.

Kieran Cut Jeans: At the end of 2014, Kieran Cut Jeans ran a successful Kickstarter campaign which I backed and I received my jeans last summer. I was a little worried about ordering jeans without trying them on first, but I had faith since they were designed by cyclists for cyclist. These are straight leg, athletic cut jeans with extra room in the quads and glutes, while maintaining a slender waistline. There is a video to walk you through how to measure yourself to determine the right size to order–I found I needed one waist-size smaller than I would normally buy in regular jeans. They fit great in both the thighs and the waist, make your butt look good, and don’t get dumpy over time. You can now order the jeans straight from the company website for $107–guys, too!

Rapha Women's Jeans

Rapha Women’s Jeans: Made from a high-stretch denim, these mid-rise (heads up for low-rise enthusiasts), skinny jeans look great both on and off the bike. If you want to wear the jeans cruising around the city, they have the classic reflective Rapha logo inside the right leg and a reinforced D Lock pocket. My only problem with these is sizing limitations and price–$220 for a pair of jeans is quite an investment, no matter how good they look.

Uniqlo Ultra-Stretch Jeans

Uniqlo Ultra-Stretch Jeans: A more affordable, high-street brand choice for you here. The ultra-stretch denim features a 50% expansion rate and 90% rebound rate according to Uniqlo–they basically hug your curves while staying extremely comfortable, even as you move. Once again, I found you want to go with one waist-size smaller than you would normally buy. The best part–the Ultra-Stretch jeans come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and even inseam lengths. And for $39.90 they are tough to beat. Ladies–get them while you can. I bought two pairs in London recently and am thinking about hoarding more. I believe H&M is now offering a Superstretch jean as well but I haven’t tried them. I find the H&M Straight Regular jeans fit but do get “gapey” in the waist over time.

Any other favorites out there?

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