Tailfin AeroPack Improves Upon Traditional Seatpacks

Tailfin AeroPAck

Tailfin, makers of the T1 carbon pannier rack, have come out with a new bike bag and rack system for all your bike packing or touring adventures. The AeroPack is more aerodynamic than panniers and much more stable and easy to use than you traditional seatpack.

The Tailfin AeroPack is a rolltop waterproof bicycle bag and rack system that’s super light, ultra stable, and fits virtually any road, gravel, or mountain bike. The system is available in three configurations — trunk bag and alloy rack, trunk bag and carbon rack, or trunk bag alone for those that already own the original T1 rack like myself.

Each AeroPack model shares the same 20 liter, waterproof, roll top, pack. In the first two models, the rack and bag are permanently integrated in order to reduce weight. In the bag alone version, the trunk bag comes with a bottom clamp that hooks onto your existing T1 rack.

The great thing about this system is that it eradicates the ‘tail-wag’ that plagues seatpack systems as your gear is one held solidly in place, especially when climbing out of the saddle or descending at high speed. On our recent ride around Scotland, Terry was using a seatpack from Ortlieb and frequently ran into both sagging and the dreaded tail-wag problem.

The Tailfin axle mounting system enables the AeroPack to fit almost any road, gravel, or mountain bike. Once you’ve attached the Tailfin Axle, you can attach or remove the AeroPack without tools, in seconds.. The seatpost connector fits pretty much any seatpost, as well.

All three products in the AeroPack lineup are designed to sit directly behind you, nearly completely sheltered from the wind. This allows the AeroPack to deliver aerodynamic performance that gives nothing away to traditional seatpacks, and gives you a significant advantage over traditional side-mounted panniers.

Additionally, the AeroPack contains Twin Stacking Straps that allow you to stack extra gear on top of the pack in the wind shadow. From the wind tunnel tests, moving a 9L bar bag from the front of the bike to the top of the AeroPack saved around 10-20 Watts of power.

The 20L trunk bag is sized to fit a 13” laptop, with twin light mounts and dual side pockets making it easy to access small items easily.

Tailfin is running a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders for the AeroPack system. Prices range from $155 for just the trunk bag to $345 for the integrated trunk bag and carbon rack. Expected delivery is in April of next year.

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