K2 Limited Edition Iron Maiden Revival Skis

K2 Limited Edition Iron Maiden Revival Skis

Right on trend with the neon revival this winter season, K2 is bringing back 80's hair band Iron Maiden in a Limited Edition Twin-Tip ski. Built on the K2 Revival chassis, the bloody axe wielding skeleton embellishment is perfect for all you heavy metal pow shredders or park slayers.  

The K2 Revival skis are constructed out of an apsen/fir core using ABSorb Sidewall Technology which sandwiches a urethane layer in between ABS to lessen the impact of harsh landings and blows. The urethane is only used underfoot to minimize the dampening but ABS is used toward the tip and tail to maximize performance and control.

The Limited Edition Iron Maiden skis are built using K2's Jib Rocker technology, giving you an elevated tip and tail with zero camber underfoot. The rocker is versatile enough that you can initiate turns from any spot and forgiving enough that you will not get hung up in turn. The rocker is ideally built for transitions, meaning you won't catch a tip or tail on jumps or landings. 

Custom Iron Maiden tip and tail rivets add to the heavy metal style while also helping to reinforce the ski against delamination. The K2 Limited Edition Iron Maiden Revival skis come in 159 cm, 169 cm and 179 cm sizes and are available for $685 at select K2 retailers. 

So grow out your mullet, get your hair permed, throw on some torn acid washed jeans and start singing "Run To The Hills!". 


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