Frame Bike Lights For Safe Night Riding

LED By Lite Bike Frame Lights

Now that Winter is coming and the days are getting shorter, anything you can do to be better seen on your bike will greatly improve your safety. Similar to the Fiber Flare bike lights, two U.S. companies have created fun lighting systems designed to give you 360 degree visibility on your bike. 

Utah company LED By Lite is preparing to release their new bike light system which consists of 4 flexible waterproof LED light strips. Two strips of 12 white LEDs mount on the front fork of your bike while two strips of 9 red LEDs mount on the rear stays. The LED lights project up to 60 feet in front of you and 40 feet to the side, rendering you highly visible from a distance. 

The LED light strip housing is attached to your bike via Velcro straps, while the light strips themselves use a Quick Attach & Release system for easy on and off. The LED By Lite bike light system can either be powered by AA batteries ($100) or by a 12 volt battery pack with rechargeable lithium ion battery ($150).

Bike Glow Safety Light

The Bike Glow Safety Light is a 10-foot waterproof, flexible light tube that uses electroluminescent technology. This illuminated bike light wraps completely around the frame of your bike, allowing you to be seen at any angle from a distance.  

The Bike Glow is secured to your frame via attachment ties and the battery pack sits underneath your seat. The light can be set for constant illumination, slow or fast flashing modes. The Bike Glow bike light is powered by 2 AA batteries and will last for up to 120 hours in flashing mode or 50 hours on constant illumination. 

The Bike Glow Safety Light comes in a variety of colors and retails for $25 at REI. 


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