Lucky Loops Jackets Made From Recycled Kites

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German startup Lucky Loops is repurposing old kiteboarding kites into colorful outerwear. Unique, sustainable and handmade, these jackets may not offer the superior performance benefits of GORE-TEX or eVent but will definitely serve as a one of a kind lifestyle piece to get you noticed. 

Lucky Loops was founded by designer Anna Lucke. In a workshop outside of Hamburg, Anna takes old kites made of ripstop nylon, Dacron or even Cuben Fiber and turns them into a collection of jackets, insulated vests and bags. 

Whether small or large, with one or two pockets, hood or no hood, each jacket proudly displays its wrinkles, spots and colors acquired during the fabrics former life as a kite. Currently, every jacket or vest is handmade by Anna and therefore a truly unique piece. 

Lucky Loops kite jackets

If you have an old kite that is ready to be retired, you can send it to Lucky Loops and they will create a tailored made jacket just for you. I am sure the company could make jackets out of your favorite old sails, spinnakers, parachutes, even hot air balloons, as most are made from a similar ripstop nylon fabric. 

The jackets range in price from €279 to €379 and can be ordered from the Lucky Loops website. 

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