Oakley Debuts 3D Glasses


You no longer have to look like a dork at the movie theater wearing those little white paper 3D glasses. Eyewear maker Oakley has moved into the next dimension with their new limited edition 3D glasses. The glasses may not do you any good outdoors but they will make you and any 3D movie you watch look way cooler. 

Oakley has teamed up with Disney to debut the new TRON Limited Edition 3D Gascan glasses to coincide with the release of Disney's new 3D sci-fi action film. With the slick Oakley style and TRON graphics, you can slip right into character for the movie.  

The new limited edition 3D glasses allegedly feature the world's first optically correct 3D lenses, resulting from a collection of proprietary lens innovations called HDO-3D. Oakley's 3D lenses eliminate the ghosting or crosstalk images that reach each eye from one moment to the next. 

The greater lens curvature cuts down on glare and provides a wider field of vision that is extremely sharp. The durable, lightweight 3D Gascan frame is designed with a proprietary three point fit to keep the lenses in perfect optical alignment. The fit offers better comfort with no unbalanced pressure points.

Oakley's 3D glasses were designed to work mainly in cinemas but Oakley is looking to partner with home 3D system manufacturers so that you can use the 3D glasses for home entertainment. Imagine watching climbing movies in 3D!

The Oakley TRON Limited Edition 3D Gascan glasses retail for $150 and are available from the Oakley website. 

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