Marquette Backcountry Skis- No Skins Required!

Marquette Backcountry Skis

The new project from V.I.O POV camera founder Dave Ollila, the Marquette backcountry skis require no skins to climb and can slide without catching. A durable, simple and inexpensive ski, the Marquette will help make the backcountry more accessible to everyone this winter.

The Marquette backcountry skis are a mixture of 30% snowshoe and 70% ski. Dave's idea behind building a new backcountry ski was to find something that was, much like snowshoes, flexible enough to let anyone explore the woods and hills in winter but at the same time be able to enjoy a faster downhill experience.

  The Marquette Backcountry skis
The Marquette backcountry skis are made out of a mixture of polypropylene, glass, silicone and brass, making them 100% recyclable. A unique scale design on the bottom of the skis grabs the snow and keeps the skis from sliding backwards while climbing. 

Similar to snowmobile skis, the backcountry skis are blow-molded, meaning you get a quality ski at a reasonable price. Threaded inserts allow for no-drill mounting of standard three pin bindings so you don't have to go out and buy all new special kit. 

The Marquette backcountry skis will retail for $179 and internet sales will begin next week. 

(via SNEWS)

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