Top 10 Outdoor Podcasts

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As a follow up to last weeks top 10 new outdoor iPhone apps, the following is a list of ten of my favorite outdoor related podcasts. Some are perfect for passing the time on a long flight while others are great for listening to in the car. All are perfect for helping you experience the outdoors when you find yourself currently stuck indoors.

Tell me what are some of your favorites? 

The Dirtbag Diaries (free)

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Every two weeks, Fitz Cahall brings us as new, unfiltered, short story about interesting people doing awesome things in the outdoors, everything from surfing to big wall climbing. 

The Season (free)

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Another one from Fitz Cahall and adventure filmmaker Bryan Smith, The Season is a fabulous look into the lives of 5 outdoor athletes, across 5 different disciplines, and how they evolve over the course of one season in the Pacific Northwest. If you missed these HD webisodes as they came out, you should definitely download them now. 

The FredCast (free)

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The FredCast, produced by David Bernstein, is a podcast for the cycling obsessed. Roughly every two weeks, David pumps out another great show covering cycling news, gear and ride reviews, feature stories, interviews and even cycling music. 

The Spokesmen (free)

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Another production from David Bernstein, The Spokesmen is a roundtable discussion of all things cycling featuring well known cycling bloggers, journalists, podcast producers and industry types. 

Camping Gear TV (free)

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Josh Turner and Ben Kniffen always deliver hilarious yet honest gear review videos. The duo review all sorts of camping and backpacking gear, even stuff you get at Walmart. Camping Gear TV is entertaining as much as it is informative.

Climbing Tools: Mountaineering Lessons (free)

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One of my favorite Canadian mountain guides, Mike Barter, imparts his wealth of mountaineering wisdom gained through years of experience in a series of often funny, instructional videos on various climbing systems and techniques. 

The NOLS Podcast (free)

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The NOLS podcast features discussion, videos, interviews, and stories about leadership and wilderness education. 

American Mountaineering Museum (free)

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The American Mountaineering Museum and Alpine Club Library podcast is a collection of all the monthly speakers and special events that happen at the Colorado location. Topics range from authors and athletes, to international presentations on expeditions, climbing and culture. 

The Rest Of Everest (free)

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A video podcast created by documentary filmmaker Jon Miller, The Rest Of Everest lets you experience the highs and lows of expedition life in the Himalayan region. 

Outside (free)

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An extension of Outside Magazine, the Outside podcast features gear reviews, athlete interviews and feature stories.

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