Use Downhill Bindings For Alpine Touring With MFD

MFD Alltime Alpine Touring Bindings

New Utah company MFD has created a ski accessory that instantly turns your favorite downhill bindings into alpine touring bindings. Called the MFD ALLTIME, this crossover system allows you to go from aggressive resort skiing to efficient ski touring in the backcountry without changing gear.  

MFD founder Jason Prigge came up with the concept after he couldn't find AT bindings that he fully trusted. Jason figured that people are loyal to specific downhill bindings that they like and trust so why not enable them to use these same downhill bindings in the backcountry.  

The MFD ALLTIME is an accessory that when mounted on your skis, will allow your downhill bindings to function like AT bindings when required. To enter alpine touring mode, simply pull straight up on the back of the climbing riser and you are released. The riser can also be placed in both 6 degree and 14 degree lift modes depending on the terrain.

To return to full downhill mode, simply lift the riser all the way up, bring your foot down and lock the riser into place. A drop down channel in the MFD ALLTIME lowers your boot closer to the ski to give you more stability and edge control compared to other AT bindings on the market. 

The MFD ALLTIME ski accessory will be ready for next Fall 2011. 



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