Stay Fashionably Warm In Moose Knuckles This Winter

Moose Knuckles Down Parka

Riding on the success of Canada Goose, Will Poho created a line of down parkas and bomber jackets called Moose Knuckles. Fitted with urban style, Moose Knuckles is banking on the current "Made In Canada" down jacket hip factor, especially with Europeans. 

The Moose Knuckles name emerged from a couple of true Canadian symbols, the moose and the hockey fight, rather than from the NSFW urban meaning (Google it- who knew!). The company origin is depicted in a prominently displayed metal knuckle logo on the sleeve and an inner label featuring a classic hockey fight. 

The Moose Knuckles collection includes down parkas and bombers for both men and women as well as, fittingly enough, furry ski doo mitts and lumberjack shirts. Both down jacket styles feature four front seamed pockets, a wind flap with snap closure, and a detachable hood with blue fox fur trim. The women's jackets get the extra bonus of blue fox fur pom poms.

The down jackets are made from a 100% cotton waterproof shell and a 100% down proof nylon lining. Over 320 loft grey duck down fills both the bomber and the parka, offering plenty of warmth. 

The Moose Knuckles down jackets appear to be priced slightly higher than those from Canada Goose. The bomber jackets are $740 for men and $690 for women, while the down parkas are $790 for both men and women. To get your Canada on, you can purchase your own Moose Knuckles down jacket from the company website. 

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