Salomon BBR All Mountain Skis Bring Back The Fun

Salomon BBR All Mountain Skids

With the new BBR all mountain skis, Salomon is looking to bring back the fun this winter. Designed for the weekend warrior who wants to improve their performance and enjoyment on the mountain, the BBR will allow you to ski all sorts of terrain, in all conditions, without the need for multiple sets of skis. 

BBR is short for Beber, the nickname for designer Bertrand Krafft who has previously designed the company's X Scream Series and Pocket Rocket skis. During his more recent surfing experience, Bertrand was inspired to create a ski that gives you more freedom to carve, cruise, float through powder or simply just play. 

The BBR all mountain ski has a totally new V shape design with an oversized (150mm), surfboard shaped tip for flotation in soft snow and terrain absorption combined with a narrow pin tail and short radius sidecut for quick, precise carving on piste. The narrowest portion of the ski sits behind the heel. 

The Salomon BBR skis will come in two versions, with the BBR 7.9 sidecut dimensions at 147/88/102 and in three lengths: 166/176/186. The BBR 8.9 sidecut dimensions are 140/79/102 and in four lengths: 149/159/169/179. 

The initial feedback so far is mixed, with some people saying they look too skinny, are a throwback to the 80s, etc., but Salomon wants you to try them to understand. Watch for Salomon's Shape Your Adventure tour at your local ski hill where you can actually try the BBR all mountain skis for yourself before they come out next 2011/2012 season. 

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