Sierra Designs Enforcer Gloves

Sierra Designs is getting ready to launch two new glove designs for Fall 2011. The durable yet dexterous Enforcer and Transporter gloves will see you through a whole day of ice climbing or backcountry skiing in all types of weather conditions. 

The Enforcer glove (not to be confused with the Black Diamond Enforcer Glove) is all about keeping your hands warm and dry in the backcountry with Sierra Design's Tropozone waterproof breathable insert and Thinsulate insulation. The glove uses fused seams instead of stitching across the back for extra waterproof protection. 

Leather palms and fingers add extra durability in key locations and make it easier to grip a rope, ice axe or even ski pole.  A small zipper pocket on the back of the glove is great for throwing in a hand warmer to help keep your fingers toasty on those really cold days.

The Sierra Designs Enforcer gloves will retail for $109. 

Sierra Designs Transporter Glove

A lighter, non-insulated glove for those Springtime backcountry adventures, the Transporter is made from a combination of waterproof breathable softshell polyester and leather. The knuckles and the back of the hand feature extra padding to protect you from that inevitable ice bashing when climbing.

A fleece lining adds warmth, as well as wicks away moisture to help keep your hands dry. The neoprene closure keeps blowing snow or running water from getting into your glove.

The Sierra Designs Transporter gloves will retail for $79.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    I am loving the leather stuff too! Especially for climbing. Not sure about the green- I think that is all they plan to do at the moment. Not my favorite but I guess you will know where your hands are at all times! 🙂

  2. Hey Matt- got the scoop from the horses’ mouth at OR. The green on the Enforcer is actually going to be replaced with charcoal when it comes out in the Fall.

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