Waterproof Macintosh Coat For Real Bike Style

Waterproof Macintosh Coat

Move over cycling jacket, here comes the cycling coat. Maybe not for the everyday bike commute, but if you plan to hop on your bike for a short ride to the pub or cafe to meet some friends, the new waterproof Macintosh coat from Water Off A Duck's Back offers an extremely stylish way to do so.

Water Off A Duck's Back was started by Antonia Maybury, resident of Bath, England. Rightfully so, Antonia hated the idea of wearing a neon cycling jacket for the short ride to and from her local pub. Instead, she decided to design her own cycling coat that would look stylish both on and off the bike. 

Quintessentially British (the first Macintosh coats were made in Glasgow), this breathable waterproof Macintosh is essentially a normal coat off the bike with hidden reflective panels in the back of the belt, behind the cuffs and under the collar. Before you get on the bike, you simply turn down the cuffs, flip over the belt and the collar to reveal the reflective tape. 

waterproof macintosh coat

The cycling coat is expertly tailored so it will not catch in the wheel or chain of your bike. A hidden snap closure keeps the coat panels from flapping in the wind, while a detachable hood offers further weather protection. The waterproof Macintosh coats are all British made at a factory in North London and best of all, are machine washable. 

Currently the Macintosh is the only style coat from Water Off A Duck's Back but Antonia plans to expand into a full women's cycling apparel line in the near future. The cycling coat comes in two colors, black and stone, which you can order for £130 from the company website. 

(via road.cc)

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