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The Last Wild Mountain film

The Last Wild Mountain film follows the birth of rock climbing and the quest to find the last wild spaces. Through photographs, writings, retro footage and interviews with the first two generations of rock climbers in America, the film unveils the evolution of the sport and the culture these pioneers helped to create. 

The film's Director, Oakley Anderson-Moore, is the daughter of Mark Moore who spent almost twenty years as a full-time rock climber. He taught Oakley how to climb and appreciate the art of story telling. With a vision of capturing and preserving more climbing stories like her father's, Oakley cobbled together a team, including Producer Alex Reinhard, and set out to make a film. 

For the past three years, this Little Miss Sunshine crew have been traveling across the country in their VW Van to interview some of the best climbers in the world including Royal Robbins, Lynn Hill, Ron Kauk, John Bachar and many more. 

The final product is a full length, professional caliber movie featuring the legendary voices of over 50 rock climbers and their memories of the early days of the sport. However, in order to release The Last Wild Mountain to all of us, the team needs to pay for distribution and the rights to certain material. 

With no financial backing, the team is looking for help to raise the final funds required to release the film. Through The Last Wild Mountain project on the website Kickstarter, you can donate money and in turn win some pretty cool gear. The swag list includes backpacks, an ice axe, helmet, quickdraws, harness, as well as a very cool package if you donate $250: a $200 Sterling Rope gift card, thank you credit in the movie, DVD of the movie, and a T-Shirt.  

The Last Wild Mountain team is nearly at 50% of their $10,000 fundraising goal, so if you are in the giving mood this holiday season, lets help get them to 100% in order to preserve the original stories of the sport and wild spaces we love.


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