Adventure Ready Suunto Elementum Series

SUUNTO Elementum

The relatively new Suunto Elementum series is the perfect watch to take you from the summit of Everest straight to the office. Urban inspired, this set of luxury watches combine sleek style with the latest in digital technology for diving, mountaineering and sailing. 

The Elementum Aqua's water activated diving functionality detects when you enter the water and begins logging measurements. The watch tracks your depth, max depth, dive time, surface time, number of dives and water temperature. The Aqua is water resistance up to 200 m and the crown allows you to easily scroll through dive information while underwater.

The Elementum Terra has all the essentials you need on the mountain such as altimeter, barometer for weather change prediction, chronograph and 3D compass. Altitude logs capture the maximum altitude reached throughout the duration of your trip and the overall cumulative ascent and descent on your expedition. 

The sailing specific Elementum Ventus includes a barometer which measures the absolute air pressure surrounding the watch. The watch dial displays a 12-hour history of pressure changes as a graph, where the red/blue lines over the air pressure graph help predict changes in weather. 

Water resistant up to 100 m, the Elementum Ventus also features a 3D compass where the tilt compensation stabilizes the readings as the watch moves on your wrist and a sailing timer to count down the time before your race start.  The sailing timer can be synchronized with the official race countdown time.


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