All-Season Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Mattress

All-Season Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Mattress

Just in time for summer, Therm-A-Rest will release an all-season version of their popular NeoAir Mattress. The new four season Therm-A-Rest NeoAir is ultralight and compact, yet provides you with the comfort and warmth required to make sleeping outside in colder temperatures more enjoyable. 

The All-Season NeoAir combines Therm-A-Rest's multi-layer Reflective Barrier and Triangular Core Matrix technologies, which together increase warmth by minimizing thermal heat transfer. The Reflective Barrier layers reflect heat back at your body and reduce heat loss to the ground. 

Hundreds of individual cells in the Triangular Core Matrix restrict the movement of warm air and give the mattress extra stability through the creation of an internal structure much like that of a bridge. Rugged external fabrics add extra four-season protection from rock, ice or other sharp objects. 

With no fiber or down insulation, the All-Season NeoAir offers significant weight and space savings over any other mattress with a comparable 4.9 R value. The air mattress ranges in weight from 510g to 710g depending on size and is 2.5 inches thick. 

The All-Season NeoAir Mattress comes in three sizes, medium ($139.95), regular ($149.95) and large ($169.95). A repair kit and stuff sack air pump are included.

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