StickPic Trekking Pole Camera Mount Review

StickPic camera mount

A couple of months ago, I bought a StickPic camera mount for my trekking pole so that I could avoid those awkward arm reach self photo shots while playing in the outdoors. Over the past few weeks in Ouray, I have been having so much fun taking photos and videos of our Chicks climbing adventures using my StickPic. 

The StickPic was invented by Rod Java and David Lopez, self proclaimed ordinary guys who like to backpack and document their travels. Weighing less than 11 grams and the size of a nickel, the StickPic is a universal screw camera mount accessory that fits on the tip of your trekking pole to extend the reach of your camera.

Particularly if you don't have a high ape index, taking self portraits in the outdoors can be very difficult. I have always had trouble finding the perfect self timer spot or angle in order capture a summit shot or an entire group of us on a hike. With an extended arm shot, I always end up looking like a dork, get too close to the camera or miss much of the scenery. Check out the before and after StickPic shots below.

StickPic camera mount StickPic camera mount

The StickPic also makes a great universal screw mount for your video camera or even a helmet camera such as GoPro in order to take videos of yourself doing rad stuff in the outdoors. On our hike out after climbing Dexter Falls my first week in Ouray, I used the StickPic to record my and Cheryl's thoughts on our adventure that day. 

The StickPic retails for $11.99 and comes in five different versions to fit the tip of almost any brand of trekking pole. 


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