K2 BackSide Backcountry Tools

K2 BackSide Backcountry Tools

K2 is a leader in backcountry ski innovation so why not develop an entire backcountry package with the tools you need to ensure you come back safely at the end of the day. K2's new BackSide Tools, including an avalanche shovel, probe, poles, skins and backpack, are all reliable, multi-functional and won't weigh you down. 

One of the most innovative pieces in the BackSide Tool set has to be the K2 Rescue Shovel. This multi-purpose shovel operates both normally as well as in Hoe Mode to facilitate digging in tight conditions. The Rescue Shovel blade can be used to build a dead man anchor in the snow and the entire shovel will convert your Factory Team or BackSide skis into and solid rescue sled (picture below). 

K2 Rescue Shovel Plus

The K2 Lockjaw Poles not only help power you up the slope, but can also be used to asses important terrain and snowpack information for avalanche safety. A bubble inclinometer underneath the handle lets you quickly measure a particular slope's angle. The probing handle, along with the snow depth ruler on the pole shaft, facilitate measurement of your ski or boot penetration level and snow layer depth. 

Carbon and aluminum Avalanche Probes are lightweight but among the strongest and stiffest available on the market. This 300 cm probe features 1 cm ruler markings, enabling you to make precise recordings of snow pit data. A trigger pull handle and non-slip textured shaft render the avalanche probe quick and east to use, even with gloved hands.

K2 Pilchuck Pack

The Avalanche Probe and Rescue Shovel are included in the Pilchuck Kit. The kit features a minimalist pack that won't get in your way when riding the lift but provides everything you need for your backcountry excursions. 

The K2 BackSide Tools will be available Fall 2011. 

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