The Best Bike Tool You Will Ever Own?

MAKO Bike Tool

PocketToolX declares that their MAKO Bike Tool is the best you will ever own. However subjective a claim, this lightweight pocket tool is perfect for throwing in your jersey or saddle bag for the occasional fix or tune up on the road and trail.

The MAKO Bike Tool features four of the most common 1/4" hex bits, including a Torx T25, Phillips, 5mm Allen, and 6mm Allen. You can easily swap these bits out and replace them with ones more specific to your own bike. Coming soon, an expander kit will allow you bring along up to 8 bits secured on the pocket tool. 

The bike tool features five metric box wrench sizes of 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 15mm and 16mm. Both 14G and 15G spoke wrenches are included as well as an ever handy bottle opener.  

Made of 0.125" aerospace titanium, the MAKO Bike Tool weighs only 19 grams or 45 grams including the bits. The tool comes with a high-visibility lanyard so you won't loose it in your pack or saddle bag. Made in the Pacific Northwest, all the PocketToolX tools are TSA-safe, meaning you can carry them on board the plane with you. 

The MAKO Bike Tool retails for $69 and can be purchased from Amazon or the PowerToolX website. 

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