Keep Your Bike Tool Hidden In Your Handlebars

InCOG Bike Tool

Unless you keep a fully stocked saddlebag on every bike, your bike tool can be easy to forget when you head out on a ride or are just cruising to the local coffee shop. Saddlebags can also be easily stolen, leaving you without any of your emergency supplies. Industrial designer Joshua Brassé has come up a unique bike tool system that stays safely hidden and conveniently stored inside your handlebars. 

The InCOG system includes two sets of bike tools to fit in each side of your handlebars. One tool comes with a variety of standard bits including a 6mm elbow, 4mm Philips, extender, 6mm torx, 2-6mm hex, and a hex socket. On the other side, the bike tool features a tire repair kit with tire patches, tire lever, patch glue, and roughing tool. 

InCOG bike tool

The InCOG bike tool system fits the majority of handlebars, as the flexible design enables the tool to feed through almost any shape. The bike tool sets lock into place via a tamper resistant friction lock located on each of the colored end caps. 

Every component in the InCOG bike tool set is selected to fit the majority of hardware on your bike. If needed, any of the components can easily be replaced or swapped out at your local hardware store in order to further customize your tool. 

InCOG bike tool

The InCOG bike tool system retails for $60 and is ready for pre-order now. Once Joshua receives enough pre-orders, he will put the tool into full production. 

via Core77

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