Bluetooth Speed And Cadence Sensor For iPhone

Wahoo Blue SC

Today, Wahoo Fitness announces the release of their Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor, the Blue SC. With no additional hardware required, you can now pair the Blue SC together with the Blue HR heart rate strap to turn your iPhone 4S into a fully fledged cycling computer. 

Now with a larger suite of Bluetooth sensors, Wahoo Fitness enables your iPhone to capture all of your critical ride data such as speed, cadence, location, time, pace, and calories, without the need for an adapter. A Bluetooth based power meter from Wahoo would make a complete set. 

The Blue SC features a built-in odometer which records your lifetime bike mileage even if you are not connected to your iPhone. You can view your mileage based on week, month, or yearly totals via the new Wahoo Odometer app. The replaceable battery in the Blue SC speed and cadence sensor will last for up to two years before you have to change it out.  

Wahoo Blue SC

The Blue SC is easy to attach to your bike and pair with your iPhone. Most of the sensor pairing is done directly within the iPhone app itself. All the Wahoo Bluetooth sensors will work with the Wahoo apps, as well as some of your favorite cycling apps such as Cyclemeter, Endomondo, and now even Strava. 

The Blue SC Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor retails for $69.99 and is available now from the Wahoo Fitness website. 


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