Twitter For The Active Outdoor Set?


Tennessee based LifeKraze is an online social platform that is hoping to further facilitate active outdoor lifestyles. Similar to Twitter, a simple interface lets you share your accomplishments for the day, receiving both rewards and positive feedback in return. 

LifeKraze asks you to respond to the question "What have you done?" instead of the broader question of "What's happening?" on Twitter. You can share your outdoor accomplishments for the day in 160-character posts, attaching links, pictures, and videos to document your adventures. 

Each day, LifeKraze awards you 200 Kraze Points to distribute to whichever posts you find the most impressive. You can also high five your friend's and other member's posts to help give positive reinforcement. As you collect points from your accomplishments, you can redeem them for great gear rewards from numerous brands. 

LifeKraze Never Stop Contest

Dubbed Outdoor Adventure Month, LifeKraze will be featuring individuals, brands, contests, and events that promote outdoor-oriented active lifestyles during the month of June. To kick off the event, LifeKraze has teamed up with The North Face and Rock/Creek to present the Never Stop Contest. Share your outdoor activities on the site using the hashtag #NeverStop and you could win a pair of Havoc GTX XCR hiking boots from The North Face. 

LikeKraze has been beta testing their website and building brand partnerships since March 2011. The company will soon launch both iPhone and Android mobile apps so you can post your activities from anywhere. 


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