Guinness World Record Flying Frisbee

Aerobie Sprint Ring

Aerobie, maker of the much publicized AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker, also sell a line of sports products including a set of super flying rings. With a patented high performance design, the Aerobie Pro Ring holds the Guinness World Record for the longest flight. 

I was sent a lightweight, compact version of the record holding ring, the Aerobie Sprint Ring, to test out and have been regularly taking it to the beach to play with friends. Unfortunately, Lola has also taken a keen liking to the Sprint Ring and it has now become her favorite beach/chew toy. 

The Sprint Ring is a smaller 10" version of the 13" Pro Ring. The Aerobie rings fly twice as far as a regular frisbee, so are fun for games on the beach where you can stretch out and run long distances. 

Super lightweight, you could easily clip the ring to your backpack to bring along with you on hiking trips as a fun way to pass the time at camp. A soft rubber edge makes the ring comfortable to catch but with a metal core, the ring is structured to fly longer distances. 

Be aware that unlike plastic fribees, the Aerobie Sprint Ring does not float. We learned that the hard way after an errant windy day toss to Lola landed in the ocean and quickly sunk to the bottom. One soaked pair of jeans later, the Sprint Ring was rescued. 

The Aerobie Sprint Ring comes in three colors (orange, magenta, yellow) and retails for $8. 

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