The Swedish Weapon For Your Next Expedition

Klattermusen Mjolner

The Mjölner, or Thor's hammer, was one of the most fearful weapons in Norse mythology, capable of leveling mountains. While not quite as scary, Klättermusen's Mjölner expedition backpack is a durable and lightweight companion to help you take on any mountain. 

The expedition backpack is supported by a lightweight, torsion-resistant frame that extends in order to secure your tent to the top of the pack. The Mjölner has two roll top openings- one at the top and one lower down for easy access to your gear at the bottom of the pack. A roll top waterproof inner bag lends added protection to your sensitive gear or functions as an extra compartment. 

Klättermusen packs are designed to put weight on your bones, not your muscles. The length adjusting hip belt pivots so the backpack moves with you. The harness straps are constructed to minimize load on your neck with automatic adjustment for the top tensioners to easily change the amount of load on your shoulders depending on the terrain. 

The Mjölner backpack features a small top pocket and an internal security pocket for your valuables. An external elastic pocket can hold your hydration system or your wet and dirty clothes. Thin bands with eyelet loops crisscross the outside of the pack for gear attachment and extra safety features include a compass, whistle and reflectors. 

The expedition backpack fabric is made from 100% post consumer waste with the enitre pack made out of 70% recycled material. The fabric is treated with a PFOA-free DWR and the pack itself is recyclable once you decide it is ready to be retired. 

The Mjölner backpack comes in 100L (3.0 kg), 75L (2.9 kg) sizes for men and 70L (2.8 kg) for women. You can purchase the expedition backpacks from the Klättermusen website for €481-€521 depending on size. 

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