Blizzard Turns Your Skis Upside Down

Blizzard Cochise

For Blizzard's 2012 Free Mountain Line, the company decided to completely turn ski construction on its head. The new Flip Core Technology creates a natural spring in the skis, delivering a smooth ride and easy float through powder. 

Blizzard's Flip Core Technology takes the ski's lightweight bamboo wood core and inserts it upside down. The downward facing, convex side of the core creates a natural bend or natural rocker shape built right into the construction of the ski. 

Blizzard's award winning ski in the Free Mountain Line is the Cochise. With Flip Core Technology, the Cochise offers a combination of stability and powder readiness for those steep gorges, cliff drops and high speed turns. A 108 mm waist enables the ski to remain agile, while the rigid Sandwich Compound Sidewall construction perfects the edge grip and power transmission.

 Blizzard Flip Core Technology

In conjunction with the Blizzard Free Mountain Line, Tecnica has designed a line a Freeride boots featuring the newly developed Intelligent Freeride System (I-FS). A 3.5 buckle Mobility Cuff construction makes ascents easier but does not sacrifice on downhill performance. Two different Dynafit compatible soles can be interchanged for more difficult hikes or freeriding without climbs. 

The Blizzard Cochise free mountain skis will retail for €750 and the corresponding Tecnica Cochise freeride boot will retail for €450. 

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