Timberland Cycling Chino Pants

Timberland Cycling Chino

With the popularity of urban cycling and bike commuting on the rise, Timberland is looking to cater to the needs of this demographic with a new line of cycling friendly apparel and footwear. The men's Cycling Chino Pant is a practical and stylish option for both on and off the bike.

The Cycling Chino Pants are made from 99% organic cotton with 1% stretchy twill to help hold their shape and give you some flex while riding. These slim fitting pants arrive with an already rugged, worn in appearance so you won't look like you are wearing your new pressed chinos on your bike commute. 

The seams have been moved to the front of the pants to help keep them from getting caught in your chain. Reflective piping lines the inside pant seams so when they are rolled up for riding, you get some added visibility. 

A button fly adds to the relaxed feel of the chino pants, while the rubberised shirt gripper tape on the waist helps keep everything tucked in place when riding. Two back welt pockets, two accessible side pockets, and one zip pocket at the front right give you plenty of secure storage space. 

Timberland City Bike Leather Oxford

Wear the Cycling Chino Pants with Timberland's City Biking Leather Oxford and you will be ready to head straight from the bike into the office. Timberland's new bike plate technology includes a pedal flex plate which allows your foot to flex normally while walking but keeps stiff during pedaling for stability on your bike.

The men's Cycling Chino Pants retail for $69.50, the City Biking Leather Oxford for $100, and both can be purchased from the Timberland website.

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