Send 5.15s With The Evolv Shaman

Evolv Shaman

Developed from the ground up by Chris Sharma, the Evolv Shaman climbing shoes helped him finally send First Round First Minute last week. With some unique technology and design features, these new climbing shoes are ideal for hard sport climbing or bouldering on steep terrain. 

The Shaman climbing shoes incorporate several key design elements that will help you perform at the highest level. A downturned, asymmetrical toe profile increases power over the big toe as well as the inside edge. The "love bump" under the midsole eliminates dead space under the toe area to give you even more power for edging moves. 

A tensioned heel and extra support in the arch facilitate secure heel hooks and help transfer power to your toes. With a synthetic upper and pigskin toe lining, these climbing shoes won't stretch much and will give you the best feel and performance for those demanding climbs.  

As in all Evolv climbing shoes, the Shamans use high friction TRAX rubber soles. The superior grip is the result of deformations in the rubber, allowing it to surround the irregularities in the rock surface. The result is your increased ability to smear and push off of these tiny irregularities. 

The Evolv Shaman climbing shoes retail for $145 and are available now. A vegan version will be available this Fall. 


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