Colorful Puncture Proof Bike Tires

Midas Tire no puncture bike tires

The stress and worry of getting a flat tire miles away from home may finally be over. The new puncture proof tires from Korean company Midas Tires are impossible to puncture, even if you ride over nails and broken glass.

Unlike the innovative new Michelin square bike tube that folds in on itself when punctured in order to prevent a flat, the Midas bike tire involves no air whatsoever. This puncture proof tire is made up of a solid advanced plastic composite so physically not possible to flat.

The Midas tires can easily be retrofitted to your existing wheels via a unique locking pin system. Plastic pins are slotted evenly around the inner tire rim. These pins then snap into place under the lip of your wheel rim.

Half moon markings on the outside of the bike tire indicate the placement of the plastic pins for easy removal. The puncture proof tires come with a specific tool to help you mount and and remove both the pins and the tire. 

The Midas puncture proof bike tires come in three varities- the 26" Valkyrie for mountain biking, the Musai for road, and the 16", 18" or 20" Nymph for touring. Each of the tire types are offered in a rainbow of 13 different colors from Marshmallow white to Lemon yellow. 

No word yet on when and if the Midas bike tires will be distributed outside of Korea but the company plans to show at the upcoming Bike Expo in Munich this summer. 

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