Never Lose Your Hat With Capsurz


How many times have you been hiking where the wind took your hat off down the trail or worse, over a cliff? The Capsurz cap retainer ensures you will never lose that prize Yankees cap while enjoying any outdoor activity be it hiking, paddling, running, sailing or even driving your convertible to the beach. 

Unlike other wind protection solutions, Capsurz does not require clipping to the outside of your hat. Super easy to use, the two stainless steel ends of the Capsurz cord clip onto the inside band of your hat. The closer the clips are to the brim, the more secure hold they will offer.

The attached cord hangs down below your chin, where the length can be adjusted by pulling the beads apart for a tighter fit or pushing them together to release. When you don't need the wind protection, the cord can be discretely stowed on the brim of your hat, pulling the beads apart until they are just above the clips. 

Sinson Beach, just North of San Francisco, is extremely windy almost every day. Many a time I have lost my hat and had to frantically chase it down the beach. I now religiously wear my Capsurz cap retainer whenever Lola and I head to the beach for a run.  

Don't worry, you will quickly get over the dork factor of having a cord hanging around your neck when you are the only of your friends left with a hat on your head. The Capsurz cap retainer comes in a variety of styles and colors from plain black cord and beads to cord with decals such as peace sign.

The Capsurz cap retainers retail for $5.00-$7.00 and can be purchased from the company website.  

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