Columbia Back Up Sport Knee Pants Review

Columbia Back Up Sport Knee Pants

The new Back Up Sport Knee Pants from Columbia are the mom jeans of the workout world, but in a good way. The workout pants move with you as you bend, stretch, squat or kneel, keeping any unwanted skin from showing. 

The Sport Knee Pants feature Columbia's new Back Up waistband. This specially designed waistband rises higher in the back, contours around your waist and hips, then dips lower in the front. The waistband is wider to prevent bunching and also negate the need for super strong elastic that would normally dig into your sides (think Spanx). 

I have been wearing the Back Up Sport Knee Pants for the short daily yoga sessions I try to do at home as well as to the occasional class. I also tried these workout pants for climbing in the gym, as it is nice to be secure in the knowledge that your pants aren't revealing more than they should be as you are being lowered. 

During yoga, the last thing you want to worry about when trying to contort your body into unnatural positions is your backside showing in your downward dog and your muffin top spilling out in your Navasana. It is hard to let go of your ego and truly be in the moment when you are worried about which body part is hanging out. 

The workout pants are super comfortable with jersey knit material and Columbia's Omni-Wick technology to keep you dry (good for Bikram!). I don't look fabulous in capris, however, so would love to see a full length pant version as well as some actual climbing pants with the Back Up waistband. Columbia does make some workout shorts and swimming shorts with the Back Up waistband so there are other options. 

Bottom Line: The Columbia Back Up Sport Knee Pants will offer you comfort and give you peace of mind whether you are doing yoga, climbing, or just working out at the gym. Hopefully you look better in capris than I do. 

The Back Up Sport Knee Pants retail for $45 and are available now. 

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