OSS Bag hybrid tent

Utah based OSS Bag is blazing trails with an innovative new tent design. This bivy sack-tent hybrid has a built in gear compartment that turns into a complete self storage outdoor sleep system for any adventure.  

The OSS Bag features an innovative design that combines a smaller, free-standing tent with a bivy sack to provide enough room to comfortably sleep two people. Built into the side of the tent and accessible from inside, is a gear storage compartment where you can stow your packs or other gear for the night. 

When you are ready to pack up in the morning, this gear storage compartment doubles as your tent stuff sack. Your tent, poles, stakes, rain-fly and even your sleeping bags store neatly inside the compartment. 


The OSS Bag three-season tent offers mesh panels for ventilation and reduction of condensation. Double "D" door entry makes it easy for both you and your buddy to get in and out of the tent. An 8" bathtub floor, together with the double vestibule rain fly, help keep you dry in case of bad weather.  

In addition to the gear storage compartment, the tent provides a head hammock and side pockets for quick and easy gear access. At just 5 lbs, the OSS Bag will not weigh you down too much on the trail.

The two person OSS Bag retails for $229 and can be purchased from the company website.

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  1. Wow, that looks pretty cool. It would sure beat trying to cram all my gear in between the tent and the rain fly, or in between my feet and the tent wall (like I do now).

  2. Kevin- I know! I am excited about how much easier it will be to get in and out of the tent without having your gear in the way all the time.

  3. One of the best portable tents that I have seen. It is very compact and one can assemble a tent for a good night’s rest in just minutes.

  4. As much as I want to explore this product, it appears that the company has released (or not) something that is premature. It’s now 2013. The homepage website is truly underdeveloped, not intuitively set up and very not ready. There is no way to tell what the real specs are. There is no way to order or pre-order, or even receive emails for when the deliverables are ready. Product release appears premature. Pictures and youtube videos don’t cut it. Rollout doesn’t seem to be very well planned. All I can say is “Where’s The Beef?”.

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