No More Squinting At Your Bike Computer Or GPS

Dual Power Eyewear

Photographer and bike industry vet Louis Viggio recently launched the new sunglasses company Dual Power Eyewear. Tired of not being able to read his bike computer when out for a ride, Louis thought there must be a better solution than having to order expensive prescription sunglasses. 

Much like the reading glasses you can buy at the drugstore, Dual Power Eyewear features a small magnifying zone in each lens that allows you to read the numbers and words on your bike computer, GPS or guidebook. The sunglasses comes in three different optical powers of magnification including +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5.

Three styles make up the initial Dual Power Eyewear collection. The Dual S4 is a classic, contoured wraparound and the Dual V6 a regular enclosed sunglasses shape. The half frame SL2 is super light, weighing just 20 grams.

Each style of sunglasses is available with either a smoke or brown color lens which is shatterproof and scratch-resistant. The TR90 frames are impact resistant, while a rubber nose piece and arm inserts ensure the sunglasses are comfortable to wear during any outdoor activity. 

The Dual Power Eyewear sunglasses retail for an affordable $49.95. If you live in Boulder, check your local bike stores, while for the rest of us, you can order online from the company website. 

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