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Multiple companies have created specially designed backpacks and bags to safely carry all your camera gear with you on your outdoor adventures. The only problem is, with your camera safely tucked away in your pack, you may miss that perfect shot.

Engineer and outdoor photography enthusiast, Peter Dering, has invented what he believes is the perfect solution to the camera carrying problem. Called the Capture Camera Clip System, this attachment device enables you to secure an SLR or large point and shoot camera to any strap, be it your backpack or belt.  

The Capture device is comprised of a universal attachment that works with all cameras. A separate plate, to which your camera clicks in and out, securely attaches to your belt or backpack strap, keeping your hands free and camera safe until you are ready to take that shot.   

Your camera is freed from the Capture device by pressing the quick release button. A redundant twist lock can be engaged to disable the quick release for activities where there is a risk you might accidently press the button and drop your camera. 

Peter is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first round of Capture device production. Initially seeking $10,000, Peter has already received over $118K worth of pledges. A $50 pledge will get you one Capture device in return, with the campaign open until mid-July.

In future releases, Peter hopes to add an accessory that would enable you to secure the Capture unit to objects thicker than a strap, such as your bike handlebars or car roof rack.

Thoughts from all you outdoor photographers out there?


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  1. I can see that being useful if you only use a small camera, but you do still need to unsnap it to be able to shoot anything.

    I set this rig up out of part of a wrap around hand grip I had and a buckled lanyard. It’s not perfect yet, but works so well that I don’t feel I need to take the time to improve it yet.

    I use a staff specifically so I can take pictures easier. While I walk, one of my hands is usually lightly stabilizing the camera and it’s always ready to lift to my eyeball. When I want it a bit more out of the way, I loosen my sternum strap and poke it down between it and my chest.

    (Sorry for the incomplete picture set, the others are locked in on Flickr, where I haven’t decided if I will re-up my pro account)

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