Outlier Supermarines

Outlier has teamed up with shoe company Feit to create a set of simple, beautifully crafted, cycling sneakers. Called the Supermarines, these handmade shoes not only look great, but offer superior weather protection for your bike commute.

The Supermarine cycling sneakers are made from Supermarine Cotton uppers (hence the name), an updated version of the World War II era Ventile fabric. Ventile was invented by the British to keep their pilots alive if they were to be shot down over the North Sea. Edmund Hilary later wore the fabric during his triumphant first ascent of Mount Everest.  

Supermarine Cotton is made from a densely woven Egyptian cotton. The cotton is extremely breathable, windproof and highly water resistant due to the fiber density and expansion when wet. Adding a DWR coating ensures the fabric will keep you dry even through hours of rain. 

The inner liner of the cycling sneakers is made from a double layer of calf leather, an extremely soft and breathable material. The full length vegetable leather outsole provides both flexibility and stiffness, while a two piece Vibram sheet rubber layer ensures solid grip and traction.

The Supermarine cycling sneakers feature a cork midsole for shock absorption and further breathability. A 3M reflective heel cap helps with visibility on the bike. 

The Outlier Supermarines come in black and olive, retail for $260, and can be pre-ordered now (release in June). 

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  1. As the owner of the Ventile trademark and the director of the compnay that supplies Ventile fabrics, I must object to the fact that you are using my Trademark and fabric history to promote your product. I also object to the fact that you are referring to the fabric as an updated version of Ventile when in fact it is a copy with absolutely no difference. Please remove all references to Ventile and it’s history from your website. I can be contacted via e-mail should you need to discuss this further or actually wish to purchase the original Ventile weatherproof fabric.

  2. Hi Mark. Thanks for your comment. I think this is something you should take up directly with Outlier, the makers of the shoes, as I have no affiliation with them or involvement with how they promote and market their products.
    Thanks very much!

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