A Cardboard Helmet Safer Than Your Own Cycling Helmet

Kranium Cardboard Helmet

Kranium is the brainchild of Anirudha Rao, an industrial engineering student at the Royal College of Art in London. With his breakthrough cardboard helmet concept, Anirudha is hoping to revolutionize the cycling helmet market by offering improved safety, customization and recyclability.

Using cheap and readily available eco-friendly cardboard, the Kranium helmet is designed to absorb impact energy. The cardboard ribs allow movement in some places while remaining rigid in others. During a crash, the impact force is absorbed in the flexing of the ribs as well as the crumpling nature of the corrugated cardboard.

The cardboard helmet was tested against the British bicycle helmet standard and was shown to absorb 4 times more impact force than your regular cycling helmet. This means 4 times the amount of force is kept from transferring to your head. The Kranium helmet also passed 5 consecutive impact tests, where a normal cycling helmet might fail after only one.

An issue with current cycling helmets is the need for adjustment straps to actually fit your head properly. In comparison, the nature of the Kranium helmet design will allow for easy custom manufactured helmets corresponding to the exact measurements of your head.

So would you trust a cardboard helmet?

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