Because One Lens Is Never Enough

By Don Jurries

Switch Vision sunglasses with interchangeable lenses

Whether you’re cycling, kayaking, running, hiking or just enjoying the outdoors, light conditions are constantly changing depending on terrain, time of day, and weather. Carrying only one pair of sunglasses forces a compromise, as the lenses will often be either too dark or too light, and no one wants to carry multiple pairs. 

Switch Vision has solved the multiple sunglasses problem by introducing the first magnetic interchange lens system. High energy magnets embedded in both the lens and frame enable you to quickly swap out lenses as light conditions or activities change. The interchangeable lenses jump into place when brought close to the frame and stay put even when dropped from height or constantly jarred while running or mountain biking.

The highly engineered, lightweight sunglasses frame is designed for stability, using a superior grade thermoplastic nylon. The frames include a specially formulated rubber nose pad that increases grip when moist from sweat, snow or rain, and air flow channels that reduce fog build-up.

Switch Vision’s interchangeable lenses are made from an optical grade polycarbonate and come in polarized and non-polarized styles, various tints for different light conditions, and speciality lenses for specific activities such as trail and ski. All the lenses offer 100% UV protection and are scratch resistant, with some lenses (and all frames) suitable for prescription.

The Switch Vision sunglasses and interchangeable lenses are available for purchase separately or in kits including one magnetic interchange frame, one pair of primary lenses, one pair of low light rose amber lenses, one LensPod magnetic carry case and one microfiber cleaning pouch. Entry-level retail prices for the sunglasses are as low as $100.

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