Baffin Amazon Trail Shoes Review

Baffin Amazon Trail Shoes

Best known for their polar proven winter boots and apparel, Canada’s Baffin is making fresh strides into summer footwear. The new Trail To Rapids series features a collection of footwear styles built to take you comfortably from the water to dry land, leaving you without soggy feet.

Part of the new Trail To Rapids series, the Amazon trail shoes are designed to let any water encountered drain right through. This is accomplished via a four layer drainage system. The removable insole features drainage channels and holes that instantly pull any trapped water down and away from your foot.

Baffin Amazon trail shoes Baffin Amazon Trail Shoes

A nylon layer beneath the insole allows air and water to flow through but keeps dirt out and protects your foot from the metallic grid layer beneath. The grid stops stones and larger grit from getting into your trail shoe, causing irritation.

The last drainage layer is a ventilated, lightweight midsole that provides cushioning and acts as your main defense against sharp objects on the trail. There is just enough cushioning and support that you can be comfortable for 6-7 mile trail runs or day hikes.

The upper is constructed out of a ventilated mesh that allows for some breathability as well as a quick drying time. The outsole is designed to give you added traction while on the trail, over both wet and dry surfaces.

Baffin Amazon trail shoes

Because the insole is made from a foamy rubber material, your feet tend to get quite sweaty, even with the drainage holes. This is not a big deal if you are in and out of the water during your chosen activity, but if plan to use them for a dry trail run or hike, you might think about changing out the insole.

Bottom Line: The Baffin Amazon is the perfect trail shoe for those multi-sport activities or outdoor locations where you are frequently in and out of the water. No more changing shoes before that river crossing or suffering through sloshy, soggy trail shoes for miles.

The Baffin Amazon trail shoes come in both a men’s and women’s version and retail for CDN$89.99.

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