DeLorme inReach Two-Way Satellite GPS Communicator

DeLorme inReach two way GPS satellite communicator

DeLorme has teamed up with Iridium to create their own two-way GPS satellite communicator. Similar to the SPOT Connect device, inReach will let you send and receive messages from your family, friends or emergency services, while almost anywhere in the world.

The new iReach two-way satellite communicator can be used by itself or will connect either to the DeLorme PN-60W GPS or better yet, your Android Smartphone. On the company blog, the DeLorme team mentioned they are currently considering an iPhone version as well. 

As a standalone device, the inReach satellite communicator lets you update your location as well as send three pre-defined messages to your contacts. One nice feature with inReach versus SPOT Connect is the ability to customize the interval time for your location updates, displayed on a real time map.

The advanced functionality comes with pairing your inReach satellite communicator to either the DeLorme PN-60W GPS or your Android smartphone. You can send messages up to 160 characters in length to any email or mobile phone number, without having to pre-define your contacts. You can even update your Twitter and Facebook status. 

DeLorme inReach two way GPS satellite communicator  DeLorme inReach two way GPS satellite communictor

In case of emergency, you can send an SOS message with the standalone inReach device, where emergency services can respond that help is on the way by triggering your SOS LED to turn from red to green. With your phone or GPS, you can text emergency services and receive actual confirmation that your message was delivered. Emergency services can then text back to you that help is on the way. 

DeLorme estimates a price of $250 for the inReach two-way GPS satellite communicator, which should be available sometime later this year. In addition, the device will require an Iridium subscription to access the tracking, messaging, and SOS features. Current plans are to offer three levels: Safety, Recreation, and Pro, with prices starting at $9.95 per month.

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