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Your Phone Soon To Become Ultimate Sports Device

iPhone and Strava App

Will specialized sports devices, such as bike computers and handheld GPS, soon become a thing of the past? Texas Instruments announced last week their plans to release a chip that packs in seven different radio standards, including GPS, Glonass, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even ANT+, meaning your phone will soon be able to do everything your current sports devices can do and more. 

Turn Your Phone Into A SPOT Satellite Messenger

SPOT Connect Satellite Messenger

If you like the original SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, you will really like the new SPOT Connect which gives you more information sharing potential by turning your phone or even iPod Touch into a satellite messenger. Extending the reach of your phone beyond normal cell coverage areas, SPOT Connect lets you stay in touch with your family, friends and even emergency services from almost anywhere.

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