Turn Your Phone Into A SPOT Satellite Messenger

SPOT Connect Satellite Messenger

If you like the original SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, you will really like the new SPOT Connect which gives you more information sharing potential by turning your phone or even iPod Touch into a satellite messenger. Extending the reach of your phone beyond normal cell coverage areas, SPOT Connect lets you stay in touch with your family, friends and even emergency services from almost anywhere.

To turn your phone into a satellite messenger, simply download the SPOT Connect application, then pair the SPOT Connect device to your phone via Bluetooth. Within the phone application, you can transmit predefined 120 character or custom 41 character location based texts and emails to your contacts or even update your Facebook and Twitter status. The Web based management software lets you create your preset messages, list of contacts and link your social networking accounts.

Tracking mode allows you to send and save your location so your friends and family can track your progress in real time using Google Maps or via the SPOT Adventures page. The SPOT Connect device will continue to acquire and send your GPS coordinates every 10 minutes for up to 24 hours or until cancelled. 

A standalone SOS button on the SPOT Connect device enables you to notify emergency services, even after your phone has died. Your location, along with a distress message, will be sent every 5 minutes to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center until cancelled. 

The SPOT Connect, shipping later this month, will set you back $149.95-$169.99 plus another $99.99 yearly for the basic service plan. 

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